The 2019 AGM will be May 29th at 6:30pm downstairs at the Cobden Munciple building 44 Main Street Cobden.


General election will take place and we are in need several positions. 


This year the executive has proposed the following Constitutional changes and require the general membership to vote.


5.2.1 The Main Executive Body shall consist of: 

a/ President  

b/ Vice-President 

c/ Treasurer 

d/ Secretary 

e/ Registrar

f/ Volunteer Manager 


5.3.1 The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Main Executive. The terms of office will be for a duration of two years however they are not limited to consecutive terms and may seek re-election to a position without limits. President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registar shall be elected in even numbered years; Vice-President, Registrar, and Volunteer Manager shall be elected in the odd numbered years. Should a position remain empty it shall become available at the following AGM for a 1 year term   regardless of election cycle. Should an executive member wish to run for an alternate position mid term, and succeed in being elected their previous position should be made available for a 1 year term at the current years AGM regardless of election cycle. No voting positions shall be elected outside of the AGM.


5.3.2 Removal or vacating the position will be mandatory if a resignation is offered, a conviction of a criminal offence occurs, he/she is found to not be of sound mind or a termination is motioned and supported by the majority of the Executive. 


5.3.3 The Executive will act in the best interest of the Association membership at all times. The Executive will ensure the rules of the OWHA, as a minimum, are enforced and abided by, and may impose extra rules as deemed fit for the Association.


5.4 Non-Voting Key Positions. The executive shall form a Non-Voting committee know as the Executive Advisory Committee or EAC each season. The EAC shall be formed by an association member from each team the association intends to field for the current season. No team shall receive formal approval, association funds or entry into league or tournaments under the OVGHA banner or insurance until it has appointed a member to the EAC.



5.4.1 The EAC members shall by committee or individually hold the following positions:

a/ Webmaster

b/ Equipment Manager

c/ Media Relations

d/ Coaching Mentor

e/ Fundraising Chair

f/ Referee Allocator


5.4.2 The EAC members may also be assigned the duties of vacant executive committee positions should the executive committee find the need and be operating at less than 5 members.


5.4.3 The EAC shall appoint 1 member to attend all executive meetings as a non voting observer and to provide a quarterly status report.


11.0.0 Conflict of Interest. No member of the Executive committee shall hold a position of Coach,  EAC member or serve on the executive of another Association at any point during their term. An EAC member may not hold a position of Coach, or Assistant Coach of an OVGHA team during their term.


The Annex "A" terms of reference will be updated at the first meeting of the new executive in 2019 to address the the job description changes as these are non constitutional.