The Ottawa Valley Girls Hockey Association operates within the Ottawa Valley.   The association is associated with the Ontario Women’s Hockey Association (OWHA), and by virtue this affiliation, is a member of the Canadian Hockey Association (CHA), the governing body of Amateur Hockey in Canada.

The OVGHA is the established body of Girl’s Amateur Hockey within itself defined boundaries as no set jurisdictions exist currently within the OWHA.  The OVGHA shall have jurisdiction over girls minor hockey in what is roughly defined as Renfrew County.

The purpose of the Association shall be:

  1. To foster, promote, improve and perpetuate the sport of Girls Amateur Hockey.
  2. To teach the fundamentals of hockey, fostering skill development, fair play and teamwork
  3. To exercise supervision and direction over its players, coaches, team staff, spectators and executive with emphasis on the development of good character, behaviour and friendship.
  4. To give players equal opportunity to play regardless of ability and merit while establishing programs to facilitate that goal.
  5. To support the aims and objectives of the OWHA and CHA.
  6. To administer the Association without the purpose of monetary gain for its members. Any profits will be utilized to further develop, promote or otherwise benefit the
    members of the Association.
  7. To enhance and foster safety and respect in the games, embracing supporting programs such as the Respect in Sport program and others, which will
    support the goals of:
    • Respect for the rules
    • Respect for the opposition
    • Respect for the officials and their decisions
    • Maintaining self-control, and
    • Promoting participation

Please see the following link to our full constitution.